Tips for Making Delicious Green Tea Smoothies

Last week we talked about all the amazing benefits of green tea. It can prevent a number of diseases and improve the state of your health but only if it is regularly consumed. Sure, that’s easy. After all, green tea is easily accessible, simple to prepare, and enjoyable to have. But after a while, you can’t help but crave a little variety. 

Thankfully, there are more than a few ways to enjoy your daily dose of green tea. Green tea smoothies, for example, are a refreshing way to deliver antioxidants and other vitamins and nutrients to your body. It is also the best way to mask certain tastes if you are a  picky eater. 

If you’re looking for interesting ways to prepare your green tea smoothie, you’ve landed on the right page. Below, we’ll be providing you with some helpful tips on how to level up your green tea smoothies to make them more delicious and nutritious. 

Brew Your Tea Right

Tips for Making Delicious Green Tea Smoothies

If you’re using loose green tea leaves, there are two ways to get brewing. Both methods will create varying results. The method that’s right for you depends on your preferred taste and texture. However, both are easy to learn. 

Steep Your Green Tea Leaves

This is the most basic way to enjoy green tea whether you’re planning to drink it straight or use it as an ingredient for your smoothie. When brewing green tea, it’s ideal to use teapots made of stainless steel, glass, china, clay, and ceramic. Steer clear from aluminum or plastic teapots to preserve the tea’s flavor. Take note of the brewing time and stick to it. Pour the tea into a sieve to get rid of any loose tea leaves and let it cool slightly before pouring it into the blender with the rest of your smoothie ingredients.

Grind Your Tea Leaves

You can use a coffee grinder to grind regular loose leaf green tea. Once that’s done, you can scoop the powder and add it with the rest of your smoothie ingredients into the blender. However, you can shorten the process by using TEAki Hut’s Instant Green Tea Powder. It’s made from hand-picked green tea leaves that are grown and processed carefully and ethically to ensure quality. 

Use Berries

Tips for Making Delicious Green Tea Smoothies

You can amp up the antioxidant content of your smoothie by adding in some berries. The best types of berries you can use to complement the earthy flavor of green tea are:

  • Raspberries - a good source of fiber, vitamin C, and manganese
  • Goji berries or wolfberries - a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and iron
  • Cranberries - this addition will work well for you if you like a hint of sourness. As an added bonus, cranberries are great for detox and are believed to help reduce your risk for urinary tract infections. 
  • Strawberries - A serving of strawberries contains 97% of vitamin C’s DV. 

Add Chia Seeds

Tips for Making Delicious Green Tea Smoothies

Adding chia seeds can help thicken your smoothie. It can also add in some much needed fiber. The latter benefit is great if you’re on a weight loss diet as it can help you feel fuller for longer. A tablespoon or less of chia seeds can bring your smoothie to a whole new level. 

Use Stevia 

Tips for Making Delicious Green Tea Smoothies

Adding sugar isn’t the only way to sweeten up your smoothies. If you want to enjoy your drink really sweet, you can use stevia powder. Adding heaps of sugar into your drink will negate most of its benefits and if you drink it often, it will cause dangerous spikes in your blood sugar level. Sticking to stevia makes your drink healthier, not to mention lower in calories and carbs. 

Add Lemon Juice

Tips for Making Delicious Green Tea Smoothies


Adding lemon juice is great especially if you’re using other creamy ingredients such as pears and avocados. Its tanginess can also mask the taste of vegetables such as kale if you’d rather not taste them in your drink. 

Use Unconventional Ingredients 

Tips for Making Delicious Green Tea Smoothies

Think out of the box. You can elevate your smoothies by adding healthy herbs and spices such as turmeric, mint, parsley, ginger, cinnamon, cilantro, and others. Choose one type of herb or spice and try using a combination of two or more each time. Cilantro and mint can add a refreshingly citrus flavor to your drink, while basil can add a hint of warmth into the mix. Parsley can liven up your smoothie with its distinctive flavor. 

The Takeaway

There are numerous ways to enjoy green tea. By pairing it with other natural and wholesome ingredients, you can boost its natural benefits. Fruits, vegetables, and milk are staple ingredients in a smoothie but don’t limit yourself to just those. There are several ways to dress them up. Use fruits that are in season (to ensure their freshness).  Surprise your tastebuds and get creative. 



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