The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is among the most accessible luxuries we can enjoy on a daily basis. It’s also very versatile. There are more than enough ways for you to enjoy tea. You can have it either hot or cold, sweet or fruity, strong or mild, depending on your personal preference. Regardless of how you want it, green tea can provide you with a myriad of health benefits. 

All varieties of tea (black, white, oolong, etc.) come from the same plant. Camellia Sinesis is known to contain the highest amount of flavonoids. And while that in itself is a huge bonus, here are several other reasons why drinking green tea regularly is good for you.

It Calms You Down

The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

While our ability to stay calm has to do with each of our own personality traits in general, drinking a cup of brewed green tea can help ease the nerves. This is due to a certain type of amino acid found in green tea. A compound known as L-theanine is found to be abundant in green tea. It is a mood-enhancing substance that is linked to improved alertness, reduced anxiety, and enhanced focus. 

It Helps Lower Your Blood Sugar

The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea contains polysaccharides and polyphenols that are known to help regulate blood sugar levels. However, this benefit can only be enjoyed in full if you love taking your tea without sugar. There are various food products out there that are marketed with green tea as an ingredient. These come in the form of pasta sauces, yogurts, juices, dressings, and others. Unfortunately, most of them are packed with sugar. So, if you’re drinking tea to help regulate your blood sugar levels, choose the sugar-free versions. 

It Lowers Your Risk of Heart Disease

The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

According to research published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the compounds found in green tea can help break up plaques in blood vessels that may lead to dangerous blockages. Population studies were also conducted to observe the correlation between regular green tea consumption and risks for developing cardiovascular disease. A 2013 study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, states that this benefit can be due to the flavonoids found in green tea. 

It May Help Reduce Your Risk of Developing Certain Types of Cancers

The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

Antioxidants are believed to have cancer-fighting abilities. Thankfully, green tea contains a load of antioxidants in the form of polyphenols. A study published in 2018 also suggests that people who consumed green tea regularly were found to have lowered their risk for breast cancer. 

It Can Keep Your Mind Sharp

The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

According to a study done at the National University of Singapore, drinking a cup of green tea per day can help reduce your chances of developing dementia. The study found that seniors who drank tea daily reduced their risk of cognitive decline by 50%. Seniors who are genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s were found to decrease their risk of developing the disease by up to 86%. 

It’s Arguably the Best Drink in the World

The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

According to National Geographic, tea ranks second to water as the world’s most consumed beverage. It’s easy to see why. Tea is a simple, unassuming drink that’s easy to prepare. It beats soda, beer, and even coffee! It’s highly versatile too, as we mentioned earlier. While coffee can only be enjoyed either black or sweet, tea can be flavored to include a variety of spices and citrusy flavors. It also goes with different types of food. 

How Much Green Tea Should You be Drinking?

The key to reaping all these benefits is through regular consumption. According to various studies, it is best to drink a minimum of three to five cups per day. However, the optimal amount may vary from one person to another. 

The Takeaway

Drinking tea has its obvious benefits. But drinking tea alone isn’t enough to solve all your health problems. Regular consumption of tea is a great addition to an already healthy and balanced lifestyle. It improves the quality of your health but it won’t cancel out your bad eating habits or your sedentary lifestyle. Also, while tea is great to have by itself, make sure you don’t ruin it by flavoring it with too much sugar. 



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