Quick Facts about the Australian Bushfires

Interested in learning more about the wildfires that took Australia by surprise this past month? Here are some quick facts to keep you in the loop:

It Was a Record-Breaking Fire

The bushfires, concentrated along the southeast coast of the country, were a record-breaking heatwave. The most affected areas were Victoria and New South Wales. Over 27 acres across the nation were burned during the fire.

We Can Blame Climate Change

Quick Facts about the Australian Bushfires

Partly, at least. Weather variability also plays a key role in the tragedy. This summer was especially hot and dry for Australia. This fed into the fires, like tinder fueling it to keep growing. Australia has been facing extreme drought recently, with three whole winters that experienced minimal precipitation. Because of little moisture in the air, the fires quickly caught on and spread wildly through the land.

Australian Fire Seasons are Worsening

Although fires in this country are deemed “common” and “normal”, nothing is normal about the increasing lengths of their duration. This particular fire season started earlier than ever - during September - and lasted longer. This affects many ecosystems in the country, including plants, animals, and other organisms and their ability to germinate, nourish and grow, and clear decay.

The Biodiversity in Australia is Endangered

Quick Facts about the Australian Bushfires

Considered one of the biggest biodiversity hotspots on the planet, billions of animals and plants are put in danger whenever bushfires like this occur. This island slash continent spent millennia isolated from the rest of the world, creating unique paths for evolution. This is why several species of mammals can only be found here, and nowhere else in the world.

The recent bushfires pronounced 1.25 billion animals dead.

Suffering Continues Post-Flames

Even after putting out the fires, there is more to be done. Australians - people and animals alike - face the fact that their homes, family, and friends have been hurt. Many stand homeless. Besides these immediate needs, there are also many things that have to be addressed. The prolonged stress of homelessness, grief, loss of property, and more can pose challenges for both mental and physical wellness. Many can also face post-traumatic stress disorder, especially those who had close brush-ups with the fire.

You Can Help 

Quick Facts about the Australian Bushfires

As citizens of the world, we can do our part to help out. Here are some charities that you can donate to, to help with rescue and rehabilitation, or general support for the firefighters and rescue volunteers:


Quick Facts about the Australian Bushfires


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