How to Make the Perfect Classic Honey Lemon Iced Tea

Staying home has never been so important. And while we’re completely aware why it’s necessary to stay indoors for our safety, it’s understandable for most of us to pine for summer and wish for better, warmer days ahead. Enjoying things that remind us of summer without going outside can be one way for us to satisfy that longing. 

It can be as easy as whipping up one of your favorite classic summer drinks. The classic honey lemon iced tea is one of the simplest tea recipes you need to master. You don’t need fancy culinary skills to pull this off, just make sure you’re using the best ingredients.

a jar of honey on a wooden table

Here’s an easy way to recreate this aromatic, sweet, and refreshing drink using Pu-erh Tea!


To make:⠀

  1.   Dissolve Pu-erh tea powder in boiling water⠀
  2.   Stir in honey⠀
  3.   Slowly add cold water⠀
  4.   Add the lemon slices⠀
  5.   Let it chill for several minutes until it’s cool enough to your liking⠀
  6.   Serve 

slice of lemon on a wooden chopping board

Apart from having a refreshing drink to enjoy, you also get to sneak in your daily dose of vitamin C. If you want to bring it up a notch, try infusing it with whatever fruit is available. You can add strawberries, oranges, apples, grapefruit, and more. You can also add in some mint or herbs to elevate the flavor. Discover what works best for you. 


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